Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Year 6 leading the way…


Great to be back after a well-deserved holiday. Year 6 have hit the floor running – putting 100% effort into their school work – immersing themselves their new English focus book Hansel & Gretel (Neil Gaiman & Lorenzo Mattotti) and their new maths focus investigating the ‘4 rules’. In addition they are also really developing their positions as role models of the school – guiding and nurturing our younger children. During the last week of last half term our Sports Ambassadors attended a playground leader course. This week 10 children from Y5/6 went to Anti-Bullying Ambassador training at Rudheath Senior Academy. Both courses have provided our children with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Feedback from those running the courses have commented on how well our children participated and behaved. Next week Y6 will take part in NWAT Careers Futures event. They really are growing up fast… (Please make sure you have given your permission for them to go)


During our Maths lessons this week our focus has been on ‘4 rules’ –solving multi step problems using mental and written strategies including revising their understanding of BODMAS.


During our English sessions this week we have spent time immersing ourselves in our new Read to Write text ‘Hansel & Gretel’. We have discussed how the author uses vocabulary choices to draw the reader into the setting and plot.


As you know we finished our Forest School sessions at half term – but we are not too sad as we will have more sessions during the summer term – To replace these sessions we are now involved in drama workshops with staff from Storyhouse. Ask your children to tell you all about their super acting abilities – They really impressed the drama teacher who was full of complements after his first session with them.


Thank you for helping your children with their D&T project. (I hope you had fun doing them!) The models need to be completed by next Wednesday 13th – please can I ask you to make sure that they have also filled in their planning sheets and completed the research about Anderson Shelters. They need to bring these in with their models. I am very excited to see their/your creations.

Thank you so much for getting everybody here on time again for their swimming lesson – They really do enjoy these lessons – everyone has improved so much since September.

Please book in your time for parents evening next week – If for any reason you can’t make these dates contact the office who will pass on your message and we can arrange another convenient time.


You and your children are invited to join Mrs Foulkes and myself for the remembrance service at St John’s Church this Sunday 10th November we are meeting outside the church at 10.30am (the service starts at 10.45am)

I hope you all have a really enjoyable weekend –