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Abbeystead – Year 5

Welcome To Year 5, A Year Packed Full Of New Experiences And Exciting Ways Of Learning.

All children learn differently; in Year 5 we celebrate this and treat all pupils as individuals. With our guidance, each child has the opportunity to shine!

Our curriculum is bursting with opportunities for children to learn, express themselves and develop into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world. We take a thematic approach to our curriculum to help deliver relevant and thoughtful learning opportunities. As a city centre school, we draw inspiration from our unique location, learning in Grosvenor Park, the River Dee, the Grosvenor Museum, Storyhouse, and many other local treasures; the City of Chester is truly our playground!

As readers… we will be practicing our comprehension and understanding skills by looking at fiction and non-fiction books related to North and South America, along with some modern fiction.

As writers… in our first unit of work, we will be using ‘The Lost Book of Adventure’ to inspire a survival narrative and survival guide. Our residential visit and Bushcraft adventure will also hopefully provide some creativeness!

After half term we will be using a very exciting book, that I will be keeping a secret, to write a balanced argument and dilemma narrative.

As mathematicians… we will be covering the following areas throughout the summer term:

  • Decimals, and percentages
  • Properties of shape
  • Position and direction
  • Converting units of measure

Your child will have the opportunity to apply their skills across a range of mathematical areas and to continue developing their mental maths skills. Skills learnt in class can be practiced at home using MyMaths, a programme designed to support the learning of maths and offer opportunities to revise the year 5 curriculum.

As artists… inspired by the Shang Dynasty, we will be experimenting with ancient Chinese art forms.

As designers… we will be product testing some of the culinary delights which can be experienced in China.

As computer technicians… we will be continuing to practice accessing the school network and various programmes to display our work.

As geographers… we will be mapping and investigating eco-systems, biomes and climate zones within North and South America. We will also be locating China and its physical and human geographical features on a map.

As historians… we will be looking at the life of an ancient civilisation – the Shang Dynasty. Here we will learn about their life, customs, religion and legacy.

As scientists... we will be studying the changes that the human body goes through from conception to old age.

After half-term we will be looking at living things and their habitats.

As sports people… we will be working with Miss Fuller, our PE coach, to focus on agility, balance and coordination.

Swimming will take place each week where we will practice different swimming strokes, building up stamina, life saving and water-polo.

As linguists… we will be extending our French vocabulary using the programme Salut!

As citizens of the world… we will be using the fairy tale – Happily Ever After – to explore same gender relationships, equal marriage and inclusive relationships.

In religious education, throughout the term, we will be investigating the creation, alongside elements of Islamic and Jewish faiths.

Teaching Team

Class teacher – Mrs Charlotte Gill

Music – Mr Rob Benson

PE – Miss Olivia Fuller

Art – Mrs Erica Cowley

A Typical Day in year 5 involves:

Collective worship, an opportunity for the whole school to reflect and prepare for the day ahead rejoicing in cheerful songs and talking to God through prayer.

English. Our English curriculum is mastery, text-based and linked to our thematic approach to learning. Each term children are introduced to a new text from which specific skills are taught.

Playtime and snack

Maths.  Mathematics across the school is supported by First 4 Maths, a learning approach that is carefully crafted to inspire a genuine love of the subject. Every child is expected to develop a firm understanding of maths, founded on three key principles: progression, understanding and control.

Reading.  A carefully tailored whole class activity designed to develop and enhance individual reading skills. The children are encouraged, through questioning, to develop their competency of interrogation, inference and deduction.


Wider curriculum.  Our wider curriculum is taught through our cross-curricular approach to learning. This incorporates science, history, geography, religious education, music, art, drama, modern foreign languages (MFL) and social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning (SMSC).


May we take this opportunity to remind parents that it is imperative that all pupils have a suitable water bottle in school. At this stage in our pupils’ school careers, we would expect our children to be taking responsibility for putting letters and homework into book bags, collecting water bottles and ensuring that all their clothes and property are taken home at the end of the school day. To help them with this, please make sure all personal items are labelled clearly.

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