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Year 4


The Abbeystead blog has been written by Cerys, Eva and Anita this week.

This week has been Christmas craft crazy! On Monday we made Milo the Mars Rover (and other science stuff) with Lego WeDo 2.0. This is a special type of Lego that you build using online instructions, you can then code your creation to move, sense and collaborate with other creations. We built a Mars space […]


Abbeystead Blast Off!

This week, the Abbeystead blog has been written by Carmen and is an account of her day at the National Space Center in Leicester. Having to wake up extra early in the morning resulted in me being very tired on the way there. It was definitely worth it, but one person in particular was really […]


This week, our year 5 blog has been written by Emily A, Lydia and Carmen.

This week has been super busy, right from the start… On Monday As usual, we had P.E with Mrs. Valentine first thing in the morning in our recently built Sports Hall.  After English ad Maths, it was finally time for our favourite part of a Monday – swimming!   On Tuesday We have Collective Worship […]


Beginning our journey…

This half term, Westminster class are learning all about refugees through history – from Moses to Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury to Albert Einstein. This week, the class has been learning about the refugee artist Marc Chagall. They learned about when he left Russia to flee from being persecuted due to being Jewish. He is […]


Inventive Writing: Ocean Diving

This half term has been an unusual one! Coming back after almost 12 weeks of online learning was crazy, but the children of Year 4 have done so well and have been able to adapt to our changing situation with relative ease. We have written some fantastic invention narratives where we have travelled to space, […]


Making Changes

Year 4 have made an amazing start to this term, even under the very difficult circumstances. Everyone has been really engaged and zooming through the work. In maths we have been learning about multiplying two digit numbers by a one digit number through partitioning. This has made it nice and simple! In English, we have […]


This week in year 5…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Ruby, Leah and Ava. It has all been a bit different this term, but different in a good way. We are making the most of online learning and not having Mrs Gill tell us off for swinging on the back of our chairs! This week we have […]


This week in year 5…

Welcome back to the year 5 blog you are hearing this week from Gemma and Jessica. This week in English we have been looking at a new book called FArTHER, it has some fantastic illustrations, but tells a really sad story. We have been using alliteration to help describe some of the settings. In maths […]


The Lengths We Go To In Year 4!

It has been a fun week in Year 4! It has been a week full of activity, creativity and joviality. We began our new topic all about Refugees. Over the course of the half term, we are going to be learning about refugee events and people throughout history. This week we learned about some of […]