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Grosvenor Park Academy recognises the importance of good attendance and the impact it has on children’s progress, attainment, enjoyment of learning and relationships within school.  Good attendance helps a child to realise their potential.

Everyone associated with the school including teachers, children, governors and parents are encouraged to work in partnership to create a culture which promotes and values good attendance.  Good attendance is promoted via our policy and prospectus; it is recognised and rewarded as an achievement.

The school monitors attendance and ensures quick and early intervention if a problem is identified.

A child must attend school on each and every day that they are required to do so unless an exceptional circumstance arises.

School Attendance & Registration

Due to the restrictions placed on our normal day to day operations as a result of Covid-19, Grosvenor Park Academy is operating a staggered start and end to the school day until further notice.  Registration times differ for each class but are no less important.  It is important that all families attending school adhere to their start times strictly to avoid their child being late into school.

Registers remain open for ten minutes after your child’s specified arrival time at school. Children arriving at school after registration closes will be given a late mark (L) in the register.  Those children arriving 20 minutes after registration closes will be marked as an unauthorised absence (U) for the full session in line with national guidelines.

If the school has been advised that a child will arrive late due to a dental/medical appointment, an appropriate attendance mark will be given on arrival.

Medical Absences & Appointments

The school has a duty to safeguard all of its pupils therefore if a child is absent, parents/carers should inform the school on the first day of absence, and each day of absence thereafter, stating the reason. The school office will make telephone contact with home on the first day of absence and the parent/carer has not notified the school of the absence. Absence due to sickness should be reported to the school by 9.30am on the first day of absence.  The school should be kept informed daily during longer periods of absence.

The school operates a signing out system for appointments and other periods of absence. Parents and Guardians should avoid appointments within the school day, where possible, and inform the school where this is not possible in advance of the appointment.

Absences During Term Time

In September 2013, amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006, make it clear that Head Teachers may not grant any Leave of Absence (holiday) during term time unless there are ‘Exceptional Circumstances’. The Head Teacher and members of the Governing Body will determine what constitutes an exceptional circumstance on an individual basis.

Enforced School Closure

If Grosvenor Park Academy was forced to close for a period of time, we have the facility to operate an online virtual school. The expectation is children will still engage with all activities when work is set. Procedures for online learning will be sent to parents as and when required.