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Remote Learning

Remote Learning

In the event of a whole school closure or the temporary closure of individual bubbles due to a positive case of COVID 19, remote learning will commence online the next working day. Our virtual school uses Google Classroom as the main platform and is supplemented with the use of ‘live’ teacher directed sessions and relevant educational websites and resources.

Aims of Remote Learning

At Grosvenor Park our remote learning aims to:

  • Provide pupils with access to the curriculum and receive feedback to help improve their learning.
  • Allow pupils to have direct teaching input from their teacher and maintain social interaction
  • Ensure the school’s family values continue to be a key feature of daily practice and reflects a commitment to maintaining a sense of community.

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How can you support your child with remote learning?


We appreciate that remote learning places a strain on family life as you aim to balance your own working patterns and support your child. Our aim is to provide a structure for the school day that promotes independent learning as much as possible. We understand that the age of the child impacts on the level of support they need to access their learning consequently the teaching teams adapt the daily timetables and strategies accordingly.


Top Tips:

  • Create a daily schedule and routine.
  • Create a dedicated learning space for your child.
  • Incorporate physical breaks aware from screens.
  • Review and celebrate learning with your child
  • Maintain communication with class teachers.


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