Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

Year 6 is an amazing year – a year that provides an opportunity for our pupils to shine. A year to show case everything they have learned during their primary school journey. Throughout this important year, we work together to deepen our children’s understanding and develop their skills.  We work hard preparing them for their end of KS2 assessments in reading, writing and maths. The children will also take their first step on the career ladder as they become Prefects, taking on various jobs within the school.

In year 6 we endeavour to create a learning environment that maximises learning potential both inside and outside the classroom. Throughout the year, we offer a creative curriculum which engages all our children. We strive to build the power of learning by creating a classroom culture that encourages the habits and attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners. We aim to unlock positive learning behaviours, and build good learning habits that equip our young people with skills to thrive as they move on to high school.

Term by Term

We use a thematic approach to our learning: In the autumn term, and part of the spring term we learn about World War 2 and the effect it had on the children and people on the home front. We imagine life as an evacuee – the children have the opportunity to be ‘evacuated’ from Chester – and we also investigate the crucial role local people played in supporting the war effort, understanding how everyone truly played his or her part.

In the spring and into the summer term, we also learn about our local heritage and the history with a local study within Chester. We investigate the main changes that happened to that local area during a particular period of history (Victorian Britain.) Our studies focus specifically on social, cultural political and technological changes during that time.

In addition to our local study during the spring/summer term, we also take our end of KS2 assessments (an opportunity for us to show off what we have learnt throughout our primary school career.) In preparation for these assessments we work through a timetabled revision program.

 Residential Experience

Surviving the great outdoors also awaits us in the summer term – as we go on an unforgettable adventure to Min-y- Don Christian Centre. Many children consider this to be the standout moment of the year. It is great to see them overcome their fears, take on new challenges and work together superbly as a team. Kayaking, climbing, archery, raft building and bush craft are just some of the highlights of this unique experience.

Saying Goodbye & Moving On

Before leaving Year 6, we look back at our time at primary school, celebrating and sharing our talents and achievements through an end of year performance as the children take centre stage. Handkerchiefs at the ready! One of our favourite class readers sums this up beautifully for us:

“I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”

‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio


A Typical Day

Collective worshipAn opportunity for the whole school to reflect and prepare for the day ahead
Guided readingThe children are encouraged, through a carefully tailored carousel of focused reading, comprehension and spelling activities to develop their competency of interrogation, inference, deduction and authorial questioning to develop and enhance their individual reading skills.
EnglishOur English work is designed to be delivered through a mastery text based approach. Each term the children are introduced to a new text, from which specific skills are taught. These texts are linked to our termly themes. Through these topics we continually develop the children’s writing, spelling, reading and comprehension skills as well as using drama to explore the children’s depth of understanding.
MathsMathematics across the school is supported by ABACUS, a unique toolkit that is carefully crafted to inspire a genuine love of the subject. The ABACUS approach is built on three principles; progression, understanding and control. These principles are underpinned by four key pillars of mathematical understanding: conceptual understanding, numerical fluency, problem solving skills and mathematical confidence.
Wider curriculumOur wider curriculum is taught through our cross curricular approach to learning. This incorporates science, history, geography, religious education, music, art, drama, MFL and SMSC.


Year 6 go swimming on Friday morning and have PE on Thursday afternoon.

Homework will be sent home each Friday. It will focus on literacy and numeracy tasks to complement the work we are covering in class, however on occasion, science or topic work may also be set. Homework should be signed by a parent/carer and returned to school the following Wednesday.


May we take this opportunity to remind parents that it is imperative that all pupils have a suitable water bottle in school. At this stage in our pupils’ school careers, we would expect our children to be taking responsibility for putting letters and homework into book bags, collecting water bottles and ensuring that all their clothes and property are taken home at the end of the school day. To help them with this, please make sure all personal items are labelled clearly.