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14 January 2021

This week in year 5…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Ruby, Leah and Ava. It has all been a bit different this term, but different in a good way. We are making the most of online learning and not having Mrs Gill tell us off for swinging on the back of our chairs! This week we have […]

06 November 2020

This week in year 5…

Welcome back to the year 5 blog you are hearing this week from Gemma and Jessica. This week in English we have been looking at a new book called FArTHER, it has some fantastic illustrations, but tells a really sad story. We have been using alliteration to help describe some of the settings. In maths […]

16 October 2020

In year 5 this week…

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Evvie and Ruby   This week in maths we have been learning about graphs, bar charts, pictograms and line graphs! We have also learned about tally charts and tables. Everyone has done a pictogram using our classes favourite ice cream flavours, animals and colours. From our […]

02 October 2020

In year five this week, we have…

… completed a piece of writing detailing a trip to space. We imagined that we were astronauts, stepping onto the powdery, pockmarked lunar surface for the first time. To help our reader imagine that they were there too, we used expanded noun phrases, technical vocabulary and thoughtful adjectives. It was out of this world! In […]