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Abbeystead Blast Off!

This week, the Abbeystead blog has been written by Carmen and is an account of her day at the National Space Center in Leicester. Having to wake up extra early in the morning resulted in me being very tired on the way there. It was definitely worth it, but one person in particular was really […]


This week, our year 5 blog has been written by Emily A, Lydia and Carmen.

This week has been super busy, right from the start… On Monday As usual, we had P.E with Mrs. Valentine first thing in the morning in our recently built Sports Hall.  After English ad Maths, it was finally time for our favourite part of a Monday – swimming!   On Tuesday We have Collective Worship […]


The Icing on the Cake

What a wonderful Autumn Term it has been so far in Year 6. With our overnight trip on the horizon, we are incredibly excited and have been focussing some of our recent energy on our Archbishop of York Youth Trust ‘Young Leaders Award’. Our current work towards the Award has been to focus on generosity, […]


Science in Year 6

  Do you know your platelets from your plasma? Could you distinguish between an aorta and an atrium? Year 6 are currently learning lots about the circulatory system and have focussed our attention initially on the biology of the heart and blood. The heart-like pumps which you can see here revealed so much about the […]


Springtime in Year 6

  Dear Children, Parents and Friends, What a beautiful spring we have had so far. With the clocks now adjusted and British Summer Time in full flow, the local community is already looking vibrant and ready for lots of long-awaited warm weather. In Year 6, we ended the Spring Term in English by putting the […]


We Are Team 6

  During this period of lockdown, I have been ever so impressed by the way in which all members of Year 6 – both children and adults – have adjusted incredibly well to remote learning. The punctual arrivals to every Zoom, the smiles that everyone brings along with them (together with some interesting backgrounds!) and […]


This week in year 5…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Ruby, Leah and Ava. It has all been a bit different this term, but different in a good way. We are making the most of online learning and not having Mrs Gill tell us off for swinging on the back of our chairs! This week we have […]


The Great Hungarian Bake Off

  Welcome to our class blog…the Christmas Episode! Over the festive period in school, we have been incredibly busy in Year 6, including with our work in RE, where we have, amongst other topics, considered the theme of Jesus’s birth. When revisiting the nativity story, part of our work has been to compare and contrast […]


This week in year 5…

Welcome back to the year 5 blog you are hearing this week from Gemma and Jessica. This week in English we have been looking at a new book called FArTHER, it has some fantastic illustrations, but tells a really sad story. We have been using alliteration to help describe some of the settings. In maths […]