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Halkyn Class were Knighted at Beeston Castle…


Our Refugee Journey

This half term, Year 4 have been learning about refugee journeys from around the world and what caused refugee crisis’. We have travelled back to ancient Egypt and learned about the exodus of the Jews from being slaves to Egypt, then flew to 20th century Europe to learn about the millions of Jews who fled […]


Beginning our journey…

This half term, Westminster class are learning all about refugees through history – from Moses to Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury to Albert Einstein. This week, the class has been learning about the refugee artist Marc Chagall. They learned about when he left Russia to flee from being persecuted due to being Jewish. He is […]


A busy start to the term….

It’s been a busy start to the term for Mayfair class, the children have settled back after a well deserved half term break. Since returning, we have made our own number bracelets to support us when learning the number bonds to 10. We have also been very busy acting out some of the key vocabulary […]


Vicious Vikings!

This half term, Year 4 have been learning all about the Vikings, their culture, history and impact on the United Kingdom. Year 4 have been learning about Viking warriors, food, homes, fighting style and contributions to the world. One of the highlights was being able to meet a real viking via Zoom – Bjorn Bloodaxe! […]


Toy Story

The children kick-started their learning by discovering a toy shop, they explored the toys discussing what materials they were made from, how old they might be and how they work, surprising us with their amazing knowledge of the need for batteries for toys which flash.  They have had great fun exploring the different toys to […]


Night-time explorers

This week Reception have been observing the changes in their environment, noticing how the evenings are darker earlier. The children learned the vocabulary nocturnal and diurnal when learning about animals that are awake at night and in the day. The children classified the animals, estimated how many there were and grouped them in to to […]