Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Year 5 High School Visits…

This week year 5 have been extremely lucky to have been invited to two different high schools. Firstly, we visited Queens Park High. This visit was a curriculum challenge day. The children went to three different departments and had taster lessons. In science they made rockets, they then took them outside and launched them. In History the children learnt about discoveries, they discussed the challenges faced when travelling by sea on a tall ship. In the RE department the children discussed ethical purchases.

On Thursday half of the class visited Abbey Gate College. The College had arranged a Harry Potter themed day where the children visited four departments. Art – where they made Harry Potter wands. PE – where they played Quidditch on the all weather pitch. The Science department allowed the children to use Bunsen burners when making poisons, and finally in the Drama department the children created spells.

On Friday the other half of the class then visited Abbey Gate College. We enjoyed STEM activities such as Science making boats and using weights to sink them. Economics –  tower building with spaghetti and marshmallows.  In math we explored the Golden ratio. Design and Technology –  showed the children how to design and make a spinners out of wood using a coping saws.

We have had such a busy week

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Foulkes