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Year 4: Sublime Science Celebrations!

It’s been a sublime week in Year 4, with a definite scientific theme throughout, to celebrate British Science Week.

Our English text, The Firework-Maker’s Daughter (by Philip Pullman) came to a dramatic close this week and as part of our learning, we looked back at the book and reflected on the huge amount of science that actually features through the plot. Set in Indonesia, the tale follows the adventures of Lila, an apprentice firework-maker who decides to complete a dangerous mission in order to prove her worth… So as we have read the story this term, we have linked our writing to scientific themes like the colours of chemicals in fireworks and also the science behind volcanic eruptions.

To celebrate the story’s finale, we recreated our own volcanic (and geyser) eruptions in the playground, by reacting some simple household ingredients like cola, baking soda, vinegar and good old washing up liquid. You can see the results in the photos… including our 2.5m-high cola geyser fountain, which could have gone either way in the wind! Making links across the curriculum like this is a great way to reinforce learning, whilst having lots of fun at the same time.

It was also lovely to meet so many of you properly this week at our Parents’ Evenings; thank you for the huge difference you make with all your support at home when it comes to reading, homework and everything else you do.

See you next week,

Mr Lee