Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

In year three this week we have embarked on a new maths topic, addition and subtraction. We have made a start learning mental strategies which will help us later when we start to tackle big horrible three and four digit calculations.

Poetry has been our focus in English. We have written poems to describe the Iron Man using kenning and simile sentence structures.

The Iron Man

Cliff shaking – Emily A

Night stumbler – Lydia

Ground destroyer – Anita

Towering giant – Carmen

Wire lifter – Lexie

Nose twitcher – Abi V

Ground stomper – Joseph

Metal eater – Abi W

In science we have learnt how rocks are formed. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to make our own rocks out of sediment, or wait for a local volcanic eruption, so we recreated the process in class using chocolate. Who said rocks were boring?

Happy weekend!