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Year 3 take on British Science Week

Our week started with a BIG bang in assembly with lots of investigations to celebrate British Science Week. In class we looked at the journey science rovers take to collect information and conduct research in inhospitable places such as the surface of Mars, the bottom of the Mariana Trench or inside an active volcano. First we designed our space rovers, then built them using Lego robotics or junk.

We have also been busy this week writing our Troll inspired recipes. Watch this space for such culinary delights as Hildi’s special rabbit stew, smoked fish head pie and berry surprise.

Learning to tell the time has occupied a lot of time this week in Maths. A difficult concept to grasp for some, so there is a little time homework to encourage the children to keep practicing.

Today we have celebrated Red Nose Day and worn our pajamas to help raise lots of lovely money for people less fortunate than ourselves. Our classroom was full of fluffy slippers and snugly onesies!