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Year 3, Potty about Plants!

This week in Science, year 3 have been going potty about plants. Since planting our pea seeds last week we have discovered…

  • Pea seeds still sprout when there is no soil.
  • Pea seeds do not sprout when there is no water.
  • Pea seeds do sprout when there is limited air.
  • Pea seeds do sprout when there is no sunlight.
  • Pea seeds do sprout when you say mean things to them every day!

Over time, our investigations will be able to tell us if these plants grow strong and healthy in the conditions we have imposed upon them.

We have also been looking at how water travels around plants by putting roses in different coloured water.

In English we have been looking at the features of play scripts and using them to guide us when reading aloud.

Home work in year 3 this week combines our knowledge of the rain forest with the genre of writing we are currently looking at in English. I would like you to create a play script for two poison dart frogs. Imagine they are sat on a branch discussing what they might have for lunch. Maths this week is a little practice on ENL division, see home work books for more photosynthesis details.

Did anyone spot our hidden word? Extra house points if you can tell me what it means!