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Year 3 make a discovery…

A big thank you to Mrs E for providing such delicious cakes laced with formula 86, they were perfect to eat whilst we listened to Mrs Gill read The Witches! Unfortunately, it didn’t work and none of the children turned into mice!

In maths this week we have been looking at place value, identifying the value of each digit in a number and discussing the different ways we can partition.

After finding lots of weird metal objects abandoned in our classroom on Monday, we followed a few more clues to find out that they were left behind by The Iron Man. After reading the first chapter, we collected some powerful nouns, adjectives and verbs which we will use next week to start writing about this strange and threatening creature.

On Thursday we had our first visit from Storyhouse, Jacob played lots of fun games with us and helped us to imagine what it would feel like to be part of The Iron Man’s story.

Here is what the children thought of their week…

I enjoyed our new book The iron Man, it is scary – Poppy

I loved doing maths; I’ve learnt lots about what numbers are worth – Anna

I enjoyed our visit from Storehouse; we worked on the story of The Iron Man – Emily R

I enjoyed the visit from Storyhouse because we played lots of fun games and have started to look at The Iron Man story – Bobby

This week I have learnt about The Iron Man, he is gigantic – Bailey

I really liked the Storyhouse visit and the maths challenges we have done this week – Abi V

I enjoyed maths; I am feeling more confident with place value – Abi W

I loved English, when we read the first chapter of The Iron Man, because it made me feel excited – Nadia

I loved learning about the Stone Age; I have lots of questions that I want to find the answer to – Alex

I enjoyed asking questions about the Stone Age, I can’t wait to find out the answers – Sofia

I have enjoyed this week because I have learnt how to partition. I also enjoyed it when Storyhouse came over and when we did our freeze from The Iron Man – Emily A

I was really excited when we had a visit from Storyhouse, all the metal things in our class now make sense – Joseph

Happy weekend!