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Year 3, homework

On Monday 8th July, year three will be presenting their Rain-forest inspired class assembly. For homework this week, I would like the children to practice their lines. They do not have to be learnt off by heart, but to be as familiar and loud as possible.

Ava Good Morning and welcome to Year 3’s class assembly. This term we have been learning about the rain-forests of the world and are excited to share some of our discoveries with you today.
Stilian So, what can we tell you about rain-forests? There is so much to say; perhaps a speedy blast of knowledge will get us started…
Ellie Rain-forest can be found in the tropical areas of our planet. The tropics are the areas of land that lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, crossing the equator which runs around the middle of the Earth.
Beatriz Being near the equator means that they are hot, hot, hot!
Lara They are also wet, wet, wet because of… the clue is in the name… rain, rain, rain!

Because it is so hot in the forests the water cycle is a much faster process there than in the UK. The heat causes the moisture to condense; the moisture fills the clouds which quickly need to release it as rain again.

Andrew The Amazon rain-forest in South America is probably the most famous, but there are other forests in Africa, Asia, Central America and Australia.
Mahar So, I guess you are wondering what makes these areas so special?
Austin Well they are amazing areas filled with millions of different species of plants, animals, insects and birds
Orla The world’s rain-forest are all different, with their own special plants and animals. For example…


Lemurs live only in the rain-forests of Madagascar.


The Amazon rain-forest is the largest with one of the longest rivers, also called the Amazon.


Orangutans live only in the rain-forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

Tallulah We have learnt that there are different layers of the rain-forest, which are home to different animals.
Jessica The four layers are the forest floor, the under-story, the canopy and the emergent layer.
Benjamin We have used the rain-forest facts we have learnt to write a Rain-forest rap… please welcome DJ Dart Frog and his rain-forest posse…
  Group rap
Kobi Sadly, all of the forests share one thing in common. These forests are disappearing. Many countries that were once covered in forest have had the trees cut down either for timber or to make room for farming or homes.
Abi Every year an area of Amazon Rain-forest the size of Britain is destroyed.
Ruby So why does it matter if we cut down the forests?  Inspired by a story called The Great Kapok Tree, we wrote play scripts to highlight the importance of the rain-forest and why we need to save it.
  Group play script
George The man learnt of the importance of the forest and was able to stop a little of it being destroyed.
Leah We know that what happens in far-off hot countries has a real impact on our lives in Britain.
Anya We know we have to play our part in saving and protecting these areas. We can try and ensure we use paper and wooded products from sustainable trees, that means that every tree that is used is replaced by a new one.
Meryem Did you know that a lot of modern medicines, especially those developed to cure cancer, are based on plants that were originally found in rain-forest – no rain-forest no cures
Gemma The animals that live there have a role to play in the ecosystem of our planet, we do not know what effect their extinction could have on our world, and we hope we never have to find out.
Evvie Please close your eyes and take a moment or two to think about how you could help protect the rain-forests and how important their existence is.
Thomas We will now say our school prayer…

Dear Father..

Thank you for coming to our class assembly, we hope you have learnt a little about the rain-forest.