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Year 3 had a creative start to the year.

Welcome to the first year 3 class blog of the autumn term. We have had a very busy start to the academic year by completing lots of tests and quizzes. The children have done extremely well and have remembered many of the skills they learnt in year 2.

This week you will have received our termly class letter, setting out the direction we will be taking our learning. You are also invited to attend our ‘meet the teacher’ session on Wednesday 11th September from 4.30 – 4.55 to ask any questions you might have about our curriculum, uniform policy, homework policy or anything else that you might be wondering.

That is enough of the boring stuff; now let us find out what the children thought of their first week in year 3…

‘I enjoyed it when we did the colour wheel because we learnt how to make other colours from the three primary colours and I enjoyed the maths test because it helped me remember some of the work from year 2’. Emily R

‘I enjoyed painting and the maths test because it’s fun to do maths and I like painting too’. Josh

‘I enjoyed the first week of year 3 so much, I wish I could do it all again!’ Anita

‘I enjoyed doing water colours and painting flowers because I’ve never done water colours before.’ Mattie

‘I liked painting my ‘this is me’ picture because I enjoyed showing people all this things I enjoy doing’. Tommy

‘I enjoyed my first week in year 3; painting with water colours was fun and the maths test was really exciting’ Anna

‘I loved the first week because we did water colours, I liked the watercolour wheel, then I liked painting the flowers even better. I also enjoyed doing the tests, because when it comes to test I get really nervous, but then I like them’ Emily A

There is no homework this weekend, but remember we will be having our first spelling test on Friday!

Happy weekend