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Year 3 Debate Deforestation

In year 3 this week we have been busy learning about the Tropical Rainforest. Our research led us onto a debate about deforestation. I’m not sure which side won, but there was a lot of good points made and only a little shouting!

In Maths, our focus this week has been on fractions. We have been ordering, adding and subtracting them. Would you rather have 1/8 or 1/4 of a chocolate cake?

In Learning Challenge we have learnt some big geography words to help us describe the location of different places on the planet. Just in case you didn’t already know… Grosvenor Park Academy is located in the northern hemisphere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle.

Homework for the next couple of weeks has been inspired by a visit from Friends of the Earth. Our school eco-team, Friends of the earth and Surfers Against Sewage are working together to make our school single use plastic free. To help encourage others to do the same, we will be writing to our local MP. Your homework is to write a persuasive and informative letter to him – see homework books for more details.