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World War 2 is over!


Year 2 have had another fabulous week learning about World War 2 and life in the 1960s.

The children have been writing letters and recounts. They have also been researching using the ipads and laptops, recording their information as notes then creating WW2 fact cards.



In Art and DT the children have been using sponges and paint to create a Blitz landscape. They have also been working in groups to build Anderson shelters. It has been lovely seeing the children having working as teams and having lots of fun. Once again, a huge thank you to Miss Blundell for supporting the children with their art work.



In Music we have been working really hard to improve our two songs for the class assembly. The children have been discussing where they think they should sing more quietly/loudly and where they think they should take a breath. We have revised the musical terms ‘piano’, ‘forte’, ‘crescendo’, ‘diminuendo’/’decrescendo’ and ‘legato’.


Our Work on WW2 has come to an end and next week we are moving on to our new topic ‘Rapunzel’. In Literacy we will be reading Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and all our lessons will link to this text. We hope to meet Bethan Woolvin in person soon! The children will be introduced to a spell book next week. We will be looking at the ‘How to Build a Tower’ page in our spell book but because Year 2s don’t know how to cast a spell yet we need them to make their own towers. For homework (For the next two weeks) I would ration like the children to make a tower using a range of materials e.g. Lego, cardboard, straws, blocks, dried spaghetti, cardboard etc. The tower needs to be 30cm tall and needs to be able to withstand an earthquake! Think about what would make a good tower. What properties should a good tower have? E.g. strong, waterproof, sturdy, tall etc.

Emily R “I love the song we have been singing because it is about everyone being different”.

Alex “I loved going to the Grosvenor Museum  last week because I learnt so much from the lady in charge”.

Jasper “I have been writing about World War 2 this week. l loved wearing a Gas mask because it was fun”.

Mattie “I enjoyed writing my recount because we have done so much History work. I have really loved our whole school History project”.

Ellis “I have loved every activity we have done over the past two weeks. They have been fun and interesting”.


Who can find the secret word this week? I have five House Points waiting!