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What a week for Year 5! From fantastic to eggtastic!


We have solved the mystery of the contaminated chocolate. The clues involved the children revising different methods to crack a code. We have used Roman numerals to find out the height of the culprit, then they have problem solved a puzzle with angles to find the eye colour. Next they matched the improper fractions with whole or mixed number. Leading to solving algebraic equation, followed by a jumbled times tables grid. Finally to gain a confession the children needed to locate coordinates.


On Monday we identified the features of an informal letter, the children looked at examples of letters and made observations to the correct structure. We then drafted a letter to a relative including interesting information about the holidays. We also included feelings. We then purple polished (edited and improved) our work. The children then wrote a goodbye letter to a class member who was leaving, they included a memory and best wishes for the future.


Year 5 had the privilege of leading the Easter production, they all had a speaking part opening the service, introducing classes, telling the Easter story and then ending with a spectacular rendition of the Lord’s prayer.

Religious Education

We tasted hot cross buns and then thought about all the things that make us think of Easter. We then researched; why do we eat hot cross buns at Easter time? What is the meaning of hot cross bun? Why are hot cross buns so called?

The children were asked to then think of a question, they then researched the answer;

Seth and Alex researched ‘Why do we have chocolate eggs at Easter?’ They discovered that originally eggs weren’t allowed by church leaders during holy week. So any eggs laid that week were decorated and given to children as gifts.

Home work – Please read at home and write a book review.

Enjoy your long weekend

Mrs Foulkes