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We Shall Never Surrender!




We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in the 1940s, in particular, the war years this week. The children have been cracking codes using Morse code, writing diary entries, writing Acrostic poems, making Identification tags, designing Night School posters and completing information sheets about D-Day. They have also spent some time interviewing Mrs Mason (Joseph’s Great-Great Aunt) who told us lots of interesting things about when she was a child during WW2.  A huge thank you to Mrs Denton and Mrs Potts for organising this for us. The children were fascinated by Mrs Mason’s stories!



Miss Blundell has been working with Year 2 this week making Gas masks and Gas boxes. The children absolutely loved this activity. Thank you Miss Blundell for your continued support!


In Music we learnt a war song ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’. The children said the song is really fun and energetic.

Mrs Bargery worked with groups of children making WW2 Rationed Lynn stew. The children had mixed opinions about the taste of the stew! The children wrote instructions on how to make the stew. I was very impressed with their knowledge of adverbs and imperative verbs.



The children heard a siren go off today and quickly hid under the tables. They were soon evacuated to the school playground with their gas masks on. The children were so excited this morning about visiting  Grosvenor Museum to find out even more information about the 1940s.

Thank you for putting so much effort into the costumes! All the children looked fabulous. Look on Twitter for more photographs!



Joseph “I know that the Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945”.

Emily A “I know that around 64 million people died in World War 2”.

Anita “I know that people had to wear Gas masks when they heard a siren   ”.

Bobby “I know that the Second World War was started by Germany!”

Anna “I can’t believe that some children had to sleep under ironing boards and tables”.

Abi” WW2 was dangerous but some children were lucky if their fathers didn’t have to go to war”.



This week we have also been practising our songs for the class assembly (Next Friday) and the summer show. Homework this week is to learn the lyrics for our three songs. Two of the songs are on You Tube. I have copied and pasted the links below so you can practise the versions we will be performing.





Who can find this week’s secret word linked to 1940s music? Clue- It is a surname and this person sang ‘We’ll meet again’.