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We Are Team 6


During this period of lockdown, I have been ever so impressed by the way in which all members of Year 6 – both children and adults – have adjusted incredibly well to remote learning. The punctual arrivals to every Zoom, the smiles that everyone brings along with them (together with some interesting backgrounds!) and the efforts made both during live video lessons and subsequent independent tasks are all things of which the team should be very proud.

In maths this week, we have been adding depth to our fraction multiplication and division skills by applying them to real-life problems, especially those which require reasoning in order to be solved fully. It is amazing what learning can still be achieved from distance! Helped by some very useful annotation features on both Zoom and Google Meet, we have been able to model and discuss in detail how to tackle such questions. One key finding for the children has been that no matter how much our maths knowledge has advanced through Year 6 so far, it is a thorough understanding of basic skills like number bonds, place value and times tables which make more challenging primary maths like this so much easier. It is also wonderful to see the satisfied look on the children’s faces when they realise this, for example when they see that they can find 6/7 of 84kg very quickly using their tables facts. There is, without a doubt, a real purpose behind working hard on these basic maths skills lower down the school.

In English, we have been reading and discussing various current affairs, such as: the continued efforts of the NHS during the pandemic; the US Presidential Election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; and the issue of micro-plastic pollution. We have also continued to be gripped by daily instalments of Neil Gaiman’s version of Hansel and Gretel and have produced some powerful and descriptive narrative poems based on the plot so far.

For our music and art lessons, we interwove our learning by creating a piece of work inspired by Storm from the Four Sea Interludes by Benjamin Britten – a fast and vicious piece that depicts a storm approaching. The children had to listen to the piece and carefully consider both how it made them feel and why it is so evocative of a storm. After this, they selected a medium and created their own picture of such a setting. As you can see, there were some superb pieces produced – a clear reminder of all the amazing interests, talents and hardworking young people we have in Team 6.

Have a delightful, safe weekend,

Mr Lee