Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Up Periscopes – What can we see?


This week we have been concentrating our efforts on doing a bit of catch up on projects we had already started including finishing our RE project on: Who is God? A question, as you can imagine, which generated some very interesting thought provoking responses. We also spent time completing our work on finding references to the Easter story in our own class bibles. Everyone also enjoyed getting back to their Alma writing and finishing their science work on light as we all managed to complete making our mini periscopes.

In addition to our RE and writing portfolio work we also found time to squeeze in a little revision – concentrating on reading and SPAG activities in our English sessions and using the four operations to answer word problems in maths. They certainly have worked hard in every aspect of their revision work – well done Y6



Homework this week is to complete a couple of admin tasks – The first one is for parents: Please can you fill in the Min-y-Don forms sent home with your children on Friday. There are prizes on offer for the first 10 returned! A kit list has also been enclosed for your information. It is VERY important that the children do not bring a bag bigger than the one specified as we will not be able to fit them and their luggage into the bus and car!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about these details. The second task is to let me know if your child wants to come to SATs breakfast club (every morning from 8.15 in the Capella room during SATs week Monday – Thursday) so we can organise the food and drinks in advance.


Finally I have decided as the children (and me) have been working so hard this week to give them (and me) an extra day off on Monday! Hope that is OK with you – Enjoy your extended weekend.