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Toy Story

The children kick-started their learning by discovering a toy shop, they explored the toys discussing what materials they were made from, how old they might be and how they work, surprising us with their amazing knowledge of the need for batteries for toys which flash.  They have had great fun exploring the different toys to see how they work and have created some wonderful labels to ensure our toys don’t go missing.

In literacy the children have also written about the present they liked best at Christmas and why, focusing on listening for all the sounds in a word, remembering capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces and learning the connecting conjunction because (Big Elephants Can Always Here Little Elephants).

The mathemagicians in Reception consolidated their learning of addition before moving on to Captain Subtraction, learning how to take away a smaller number from a larger number, using objects to show this and challenging themselves to write number sentences.

In guided reading the children have focused on segmenting and blending sounds independently and re-reading sentences for fluency as well as considering what mixture would they choose to make like Bob the Bug and how could the king reach the moon instead of using every box in the land. Please keep practising their red words as well as reading every day and writing this in their reading diary.

The children loved the opportunity to see Peter Pan come to life and their behaviour was exemplary, as always.

An amazing week of learning, well done Reception.

The EYFS Team

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