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This week in year 5…

Welcome back to the year 5 blog you are hearing this week from Gemma and Jessica. This week in English we have been looking at a new book called FArTHER, it has some fantastic illustrations, but tells a really sad story. We have been using alliteration to help describe some of the settings.

In maths we have been looking at composite numbers and prime numbers. Did you know that Primes numbers have exactly two factors? This means they can be divided equally by themselves and one.  We have also been practicing our times tables as we know how important they are!

In reading we have been looking at a book called ‘War of the worlds’ and have used information from the book to draw the visiting aliens.

In science we have been learning about forces such as gravity and friction force. We are looking forward to conducting lots of investigations to find out more.

In collective worship we have been learning about thankfulness and read a story about how we should always be thankful for what we have.

Star of the week in year 5 goes to Thesha and learner of the week goes to (drum roll please) Rose! Above and beyond was Rudra

Bye for now till next time.