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This week in year 5…

This week’s blog has been written by Ruby and Rose.


This week in English we have been learning about survival skills and have completed our own survival explanation texts. We have included passive verbs, active verbs, cohesion between paragraphs and drew are own diagrams.


In maths we have been recapping over, mental strategies, written strategies for division and multiplication. We also experimented with a 400 year old tool for multiplying big numbers called Napier’s Bones!


Science this week has been really fun we have been looking at the states of matter and how we can change them! We did lots of experiments on changing the states of matter including, evaporating water from salt, creating a gas to fill up a balloon and melting chocolate with the heat of your mouth.


In P.E we have been doing javelin throws and measuring them for our houses! Some even went over 20m! We have been planning our own lesson which will take place after half term


In music we have been creating our own composition and practicing them over school.


Did you know that the Maya civilization, hundreds of years ago, ate chocolate?  Everyone’s favorite lesson was the food tasting were we tasted some Mayan food. We even tried the game Pok-a-Tok! We are creating a Maya codex, full of information about when, where, and how the Maya’s ate.

Hope you liked year 5’s week!