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This week in year 5…

This weeks blog has been written by Orla and Ellie.


This week in year five we have been investigating how to keep your tea warm by using a data logger. What we did was find five different cups made out of different materials and put the same amount of hot water in each cup. The materials that we used were; soft plastic, paper, china mug, glass and hard plastic. Each minute we placed the data logger in the water and waited until the logger stopped and told us how many degrees the hot water had gone down. Most of the class said that the best material for keeping your tea warm was the china mug because it stayed the hottest for the longest!


This week in English we planned a survival narrative with our amazing student teacher Miss Ellis. After we finished planning our narrative we completed our first draft. Whilst we were writing our draft Mrs Gill printed off some maps for us to write our story into our best copy. The survival narrative is about imagining yourself in a Jungle, Rainforest or even the desert. The book that we got our inspiration from was the ‘Lost book of Adventure’. Miss Ellis chose this book because she thought that we would all really enjoy it and learn lots if things from it because it is a factual book.


In maths this week we have been representing thousandths as decimals. We also had a special guest Mrs Priddy, who looked at some people’s maths book. We also focused on a lesson about multiplying and dividing by ten. In class we have a caterpillar called Collin that we do our times tables on.  On Tuesday it was our last day at doing percentages [They are really fun!]


This week year five have been split into four different groups with six members of the class in each group for BikeAbility. BikeAbillity is where you have two instructors [ours were called Dan and Jason] and they take you out on the roads and teach you about the safety rules for riding a bike on the road. They also teach you how to give way for cars vans etc when you are coming out of a T junction. Also they demonstrate how to do everything before you try and do it. Also they tell you and demonstrate how to ride around a car when it is parked on the road. Luckily all of the groups that have already done have all passed their test for bike ability! But the most important thing that they teach you is how to hand signal so the car or van behind you know where you are going.


In P.E this week we have been learning about how to be a great team leader, we learnt that you always need to be patient with your team-mates and you ALWAYS need to be kind and respectful towards each other. To be a great team leader you need to respect people for who they are their colour of skin and what religion they are. A good thing to have with your team is to have a good connection with the people that you are working with. In order to do that Miss Valentine gave us  booklets that have different sections like a good team leader, how to keep fit, things you need to do to be a good team leader, physical and mental activity etc.


This week in topic we have been learning about the Maya civilization. They were around from 2000BC-800AD. They built huge temples out of stone and did it with their bare hands, now that is impressive!