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The New Year 6 Blog


Welcome to our new class blog, which will regularly highlight the recent learning which has taken place in Year 6.

In maths, we have been recapping and building on our place value skills, including how to round numbers within 10 million and also how to compare and order numbers up to this size using mathematical symbols and reasoning. In English, we have been reading and writing in the context of the story Rose Blanche by Christophe Gallaz and Roberto Innocenti, which has so far inspired some very deep discussions and some really creative writing. In PE, we have been working hard on our fitness levels post-lockdown and considering healthy approaches to diet and exercise routines. This has been reinforced in the classroom with some popular Joe Wicks morning workouts which have certainly helped the oxygen flow a little more before settling into lessons! In RE, we have considered Jesus’s message: ‘I am the light of the world’ (John 8:12) and what this metaphor could mean in our own lives; we then designed and created lanterns and reflected on who and what the lights are in our lives, both figuratively and literally. Much much more has taken place and we look forward to reporting again soon in our next blog update, including on our Context for Learning topic ‘Against All Odds’ and our weekly music and French lessons with our very own Mr Benson.

Well done to all our amazing children in Year 6 so far this term!

Stay safe,

The Year 6 Teaching Team

PS – Please enjoy this example photo of work from our art lesson this week, during which we used a range of pencil grades and straight lines to create curved ‘parabolic’ lines, which are on display in class and look brilliant.