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“The natural world is important and valuable and beautiful.”

Welcome to our new class blog!

We have had a brilliant first week back, with some keen swimming practice on Monday, Forest Schools on Tuesday, where we practised building our own rope swings…


…before one of the most wonderful surprises ever on Wednesday morning, when something very special arrived in the post…

After writing to Sir Attenborough before the half term break, we were all absolutely delighted (albeit a little speechless!) that he responded, together with two hand-signed photographs. I am already looking for a suitable frame to put them in! There are fewer ways to make writing more meaningful and enjoyable than penning for a real audience, especially someone as amazing as he is. The children’s belief in their writing and their motivation to write even more has been simply wonderful to see. Year 4, your letters to him were the reason he replied: I am so proud of you all.

Homework is again in three parts – maths, spellings and for this week, science, on our new topic of electricity. Please return the homework by Wednesday, but do keep hold of the spelling list to help with daily practice before our test next Friday. And, if there are any more 500 Words stories still to come in, next week is your last chance for entry into our Trust writing contest.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Lee