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The Lengths We Go To In Year 4!

It has been a fun week in Year 4! It has been a week full of activity, creativity and joviality.

We began our new topic all about Refugees. Over the course of the half term, we are going to be learning about refugee events and people throughout history. This week we learned about some of the first refugees, the Israelites fleeing Egypt and Marc Chagall, a Belorussian, artist refugee who fled the Nazi invasion of France. We learned about Chagall’s life and recreated some of his famous stained glass windows. They look incredible!

In maths, we have been learning about measurements. We put the class in order of tallest to shortest, measured various objects around the room using non-standard measurements and compared various units of measure.

In English, we have began new book called ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna, which is about the journey of a refugee family. It is beautifully illustrated and this week we have been talking about how the pictures make us feel and the impact they have on us as readers. We have also been learning some new vocabulary and playing charades with these new words and phrases.

In preparation for Remembrance Day next week, Year 4 have been hard at work creating an exciting display that will be on the yard on the 11th. Watch this space!