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The Great Hungarian Bake Off


Welcome to our class blog…the Christmas Episode!

Over the festive period in school, we have been incredibly busy in Year 6, including with our work in RE, where we have, amongst other topics, considered the theme of Jesus’s birth. When revisiting the nativity story, part of our work has been to compare and contrast the different versions of it in the Bible – by both Luke and Matthew. We considered how Matthew’s account focuses on power, such as King Herod’s jealousy at the birth of a new king. In comparison, Luke’s account focuses on the poor and vulnerable, including the fact that Jesus was laid in a manger (food trough). Interestingly though, both gospels state that Mary and Joseph are the parents, that they came from Nazareth, that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and that special events happened at the birth. It was wonderful to see the class discussing their ideas and reflecting on why there are alternatives versions of the same event and what these differences mean to Christians.

In English, we have been putting the finishing touches to our persuasive letters, inspired by our current text Dreams of Freedom by Amnesty International, which I know the children have been talking to you about at home. It is an incredibly striking and beautifully-illustrated book and features many impressive quotes by influential people such as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai. For their letter, the children selected a Human Right and have tried to persuade our local MP, Chris Matheson, to lobby the Government to do more to help children around the world who do not necessarily benefit from the freedom to enjoy that right, especially: an education, liberty and peace. I told the children about a boy I used to teach in Year 4 whose family had travelled to the UK as refugees, having lost their home and other loved ones in the Syrian civil war. Sometimes in order to build empathy for the plight of others, it helps to hear stories of those the same age as us and the children were certainly very interested as a result. Indeed, they have shown great maturity and interest when researching this topic and the letters they have created have been extremely well-written. Well done Year 6!

For our Context for Learning topic this term – Against All Odds – we have considered people from the past and present who have succeeded highly after having significant challenges in their lives. This has included Martin Luther King, Lionel Messi and Anne Frank. It has also included the Hungarian Olympic gold medalist Károly Takács (he is worth reading up on) and as a creative activity this week, we designed and baked some Christmas-themed ‘Kalács’ – a traditional, sweet, braided bread from Hungary (see photo). Let’s just say that there was a delightful aroma of freshly baked bread on the Key Stage 2 corridor for quite some time afterwards!

With all our best wishes for a safe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Mr Lee and the Year 6 Teaching Team