Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

The fun in the sun is now all done… Every day is a learning day

Year 5 residential has been a very special pizza experience camping in such beautiful surroundings in glorious sunshine.

Day 1

When we arrived we were shown the accommodation in 6-10 person bell tents with the option of ‘glamping’ tents for staff nearby. Each tent has its own set of sleeping mats, we gathered with our lunch and walked through the fields to the woods. We then split into two groups, with great excitement we completed archery, trust games, tree climbing and abseiling. We returned to have find the pizza oven lit and ready for action.

After we ate the children cleaned the dishes and had relaxation time. During the evening we played games on the field and laughed (a lot) with friends. We then sat and watched the stunning sunset.

Day 2

The children woke up at around 4:45am which was way too early for us! We all waited for a while and finally breakfast was served, we returned to the tents to get ready for the day. Everyone made their own lunches and then took the minibus to the canal where we were doing canoeing and kayaking.

We separated into two groups, some were with myself and Mark and the others were with Mrs Bargery and Jack. My group started off by tying knots to connect two canoes together, Jacks group were learning how to use the ores for kayaking. Then we all set of to the water.

Once we had finished our journey, we took a lunch break, which we all enjoyed! After, Mark showed us the Gowy tunnels which the Gowy River passes through. It was freezing! We went through a second time and some of the children decided to go through in pitch darkness. Once that had finished, we tipped the water out of our shoes and set off to switch groups so we had a turn of everything. Soon after, we arrived back at the campsite and had some free time before making dinner.

The children did some evening activities before turning the lights out and going to bed. We had a great time splashing around in the canal and getting completely soaked in the tunnels, we couldn’t wait to see what day three had waiting for us.

Day 3

This time, we didn’t wake up that early, but we did wake up to the sound of Mrs Price’s cheerful voice! She came to visit us and see what we had been up to. She left shortly so that meant it was time for breakfast. We walked back to the forest and did bush craft for the day.

Firstly, we made some knots to hold up our shelters that we eventually made, every group had a different design for their tents. After, we set up some hammocks and swung in them for a while, it was lots of fun! Next we stopped to have some lunch that we made earlier that morning.

When we finished our lunch, some children went off and did low ropes and the stayed and made a fire. To finish off our lovely residential we got together and toasted marshmallows over a fire. We ran back through the long grass singing ‘follow the yellow brick road’ as the tractor had left tracks. Approaching the camp we found some parents ready to pick their excited children up. That was the end of our amazing residential.

Hope you all have a restful weekend


Mrs Foulkes

(It was a pleasure taking all of the children on the residential, they all have impeccable manners and it gave me joy in my heart to see them supporting each other so well)