Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Thank you Mr Carr!!


Hello All,

This week we were treated to a very special visit by a very special guest. Mr Carr (a relative of one of ours as you know) came to school early on Wednesday and conducted an absolutely wonderful assembly with Years 5 and 6, starring: Year 5 and 6! How amazing it was to learn about the life of his own father during World War Two. Tragedy, relief and dedication were obvious themes as we followed and acted out the tale of his early years in Liverpool and the docks, through his military training and then into active service in India and Burma from 1940.

In addition to many details that were both shocking and fascinating, we learned that World War Two was also fought in the Far East and not only in Europe, which is really important to remember. His engaging session brought history to life and taught us so much more about what continues to be really popular topic for us in school. Ask the children this weekend about what they learned, such as: the animals taken into the jungle by the British Army; the desperation they experienced when there; and, the medals that Mr Carr senior was awarded in recognition of his military service.

Mr Carr, once again, thank you for making this such a memorable day!!

A quick reminder about homework: please do make sure this is completed for the following week – Friday at the very latest – and returned to Mr Lee. Homework will always score the children points in class and also helps to prepare them for a daily routine that will definitely get much busier as they get older. Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Lee