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Sublime Science in Year 6…


Welcome back to our class blog which contains details of our recent learning in Year 6.

This week in maths, we have been reviewing our addition and subtraction skills. In particular, we have been explaining when and why a certain approach to calculating might be more appropriate. When faced with a maths arithmetic problem, can we simply recall the answer? Well done if so, but perhaps not for trickier questions, so what else can we choose to do? Well, we could perhaps calculate in our heads – mental arithmetic – which might also be supported by rough jottings on paper. However, when the numbers are even more complicated, such as with decimal numbers containing three or more decimal places, we could use a written method such as column addition. Whatever we choose to do as mathematicians, it is important to make the right ‘shot selection’ in order to be efficient when we complete our work. We certainly would not need to use a formal written method for simpler questions (or parts of questions) and the children have really improved at this through the week, which has been superb to see.

In English, we have continued to enjoy reading and writing in the contexts of both Rose Blanche by Christophe Gallaz and Roberto Innocenti and our new text Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh. The text type we are currently working on is a diary entry in role as the main character from the story, Rose. This young girl witnesses lots on her journey through her ever-changing town during World War Two and we have all been blown away by how much the powerful and gripping plot has moved us. It has certainly inspired some wonderful writing ideas so far. In music, the children have been working towards a composed piece as part of a team of musicians; Mr Benson is very much looking forward to hearing the finished pieces before the half term break. As you can also see in the photos, in science this week we considered which everyday materials might be the best (and worst!) thermal insulators and tested them with a team experiment which produced some very interesting findings.

A final mention goes to everyone who has interviewed so far for our school Head Boy and Head Girl positions. Those who met and spoke with Mr Clark and Mr Lee this week came across extremely well and made us ever so proud. Well done! The final interviews and appointments will be announced soon.

With very best wishes,

The Year 6 Teaching Team