Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Springtime in Year 6


Dear Children, Parents and Friends,

What a beautiful spring we have had so far. With the clocks now adjusted and British Summer Time in full flow, the local community is already looking vibrant and ready for lots of long-awaited warm weather.

In Year 6, we ended the Spring Term in English by putting the finishing touches to our wondrous explanation texts themed on extreme habitat-dwelling animals and their intriguing adaptations. These were all incredibly well-researched and expertly-written; it is no surprise that they have all proudly earned their place on our writing wall for everyone to be very pleased with indeed – do come and have a look when you are next passing.

In maths, we concluded our algebra topic in style by solving some brain-stretching yet very interesting real-life spring-themed puzzles which helped to deepen our understanding of this interesting area of Number – especially with formulae and the use of equations. It has been fantastic to see many smiling, satisfied faces in the classroom over the last two weeks when algebraic questions have been answered to the point where we can actually say what the value of x is. Hooray!

The Easter week in school was incredibly special and we very much enjoyed marking this important part of the Christian calendar with discussions, re-enactments and artwork on the story of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus. We also had the chance to spend some time with six very new additions to God’s world in the form of the Year 5 chicks, as well as designing and baking some rather delicious Easter biscuits to take home and share with loved ones on Good Friday.

Well done Year 6 for another brilliant week of learning in school. It really is super to be back in.

With warm Springtime wishes to all,

Mr Lee and the Year 6 Teaching Team