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Space, the final frontier

This week in Year 1…


We have been adding numbers using some the resources we have in class to help us. We have been adding the characters together, using them for some games and finding our number bonds. It has been a lot of fun using our resources and Mr. Sparks has loved the mess we have made!



This week we have been describing a beach scene using our descriptive language. We then thought about where we were going to set our story and used our senses to describe what we would see, hear, smell and feel.



We have been giving directions to our class in French. We used the BeeBots to practice turning right, left and straight ahead. Allez! Allez! Allez!



We have been learning about the Solar System, the names of the planets, their order and all the other things we might find in space. We used the children in our class to make the solar system and to show how the planets orbit the Sun.


We have been working really hard in phonics this week. We have played lots of different games and have been recognising real and alien words.


We looked at the painting ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh and created our own version. There are definitely lots of artists in Year 1.


We had the special treat this week! We got to go to the park with Mr. Holland and make nettle crisps! They were a bit like marmite. Some loved them, some hated them!

We began practising our song for the summer show. It is top secret, but it may have something to do with a deer, a ray of sun and a name I call myself 😉


Next Week

We are going to space! First we will need to design our rocket, think about where we want to go and then we need to get some expert advice from the professionals at the Space Port in Wallasey. It is going to be an exciting adventure!