Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Show your Spots, Let’s Raise Lots!


It was a pleasure meeting with you all on Parents Evening to discuss your child’ s progress. Thank you so much for attending.

It has been another very busy week in Year 1. Your children are working extremely hard.

In Literacy we have been using the suffix -ed to change verbs into the past tense. The children have enjoyed drama activities and have been introduced to new vocabulary: whisked, skimmed, fluttered, swooped, soared and floated which link to our current text Paper Planes. I have been pleased with the children’s sentence work – we have all been using capital letters and full stops correctly. I have also seen the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’ being used. Well done Year 1!

In Maths we have been developing our addition and subtraction even further.  We have been using the ‘bar model’ to help us with our adding and subtracting. The children have been able to create four number sentences using three numbers. e.g.

2, 4, 6

2 + 4 =6

4+2 =6




The children enjoyed completing addition and subtraction problems linked to Pudsey Bear today. It is a joy to see their confidence grow in Maths.


In RE we listened to the story ‘Mary Jones and the Bible’ and discussed in small groups what Holy Means. On Remembrance Day at 11am, the whole school fell silent for two minutes in respect for all of those servicemen and women who have served their country. We sang ‘We Will Remember’ and created some beautiful poppies.


In Science we made predictions and tested some materials. We wanted to find out if materials could bend easily or not. We displayed our results in a table and wrote a conclusion as a class.  Miss Bryan was very impressed with the children’s level of questioning.


We have started our new topic ‘Transportation Exploration’ this week and the children have been asking lots of questions about how people travelled in he past. We have enjoyed creating timelines. Please continue to bring in any bottle tops and kitchen roll tubes! Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Year 1 Team