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Sharing our Achievements…


Welcome back one and all to the class blog.

This week, we have been up to lots inside and outside school.

In English, our planning and research is now complete for our next writing focus: non-chronological reports, aka information texts/fact books. Inspired by our recent ‘extreme animal’ workshop, we are in the process of making these booklets, which will require our best Year 5 writing skills to date and once complete, will help others to learn about the types of creatures found in some of the more hostile habitats on Earth. This of course links to our recent adventure narrative and our text The Lost Book of Adventure.

Our maths learning this week has focussed on fractions, primarily equivalent fractions. To begin with, we created our own equivalent fractions using coloured card and some excellent folding! Then, we utilised our pictorial and abstract skills to discover that if you multiply or divide the numerator and denominator by the same number, you can easily find other equivalent fractions. Our homework task this week practises this skill; homework due in before next Friday, with rewards for those who make this important effort.

Another theme of the week has been a look at what we have been achieving outside school recently (see photo) and celebrating these extra strings to our bows. If there is a hobby, skill, club or group that you attend and for which you have recently received an award, please do share it in school. You will not only go onto our new display, but you will also inspire the whole class to try something new, which would be a super achievement too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Lee