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Shape Searchers!

In Reception this week the children have learned about the wonderful world of shapes, they have explored why a 2D shape is flat and learnt to name and describe the properties of regular 2D shapes. They also completed a special shape hunt around school and made beautiful shape artwork creating Gerald the Giraffe using only shapes they could name and describe.

Animals have really captured the children’s interests, they have enjoyed sharing animal stories and learned about different animal habitats and what needs and wants animals may have. They even discussed how the colours of some animals camouflage them in their habitat to protect them from predators. They used this learning to create their own habitats using recycled materials.

Their interest in animal habitats led them on a journey to hot and cold climates and the children used adjectives other than hot and cold to describe these places in their writing.

The children investigated hygiene, exploring how important washing hands is. They put glitter on their hands, discussed the texture and washed their hands afterwards, observing that some is left on. Reception class shared why we need to wash our hands well to keep us healthy.

Next week the children will complete their learning on Giraffes Can’t Dance and will host a celebratory party to thank Gerald for helping each of us recognise our own special talents.

A fantastic week of learning, well done Reception.

The EYFS Team

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