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Science in Year 6


Do you know your platelets from your plasma? Could you distinguish between an aorta and an atrium? Year 6 are currently learning lots about the circulatory system and have focussed our attention initially on the biology of the heart and blood. The heart-like pumps which you can see here revealed so much about the workings of each chamber that we all felt like well-trained medical staff by the end of the lesson! We followed this up by making our own ‘blood’ and using jars, we created sections of vein along which our various blood cells constantly travel.

In writing lessons we are currently focussing on the popular novel Holes by Louis Sachar, which has been a bestseller since winning the 1998 US National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. The plot tells of the plight of Stanley, an unfortunate teenager who finds himself having to dig holes in the desert as a punishment for something he did not do. However, the tale unfolds to add a twist of fate which – possibly – sees his fortunes turn around. We are quite simply gripped by every daily chapter! The writing which the children have been inspired to create as a result of the novel has been extremely pleasing to read and grows from strength to strength every day.

In maths, we have been deepening our ratio skills after having initially developed our fluency at using and calculating everyday ratios. The depth we are now adding includes the use of scale factors and the solving of real-life ratio and proportion problems. Here’s one for you to solve at home: A drink is made using 3 parts orange juice to 2 parts lemonade. Esther makes 1.2 litres of this drink. How much orange juice does she need?* Overall, the children are quickly becoming proficient in this area of maths, especially with their use of reasoning to explain why something is either correct or not. This is very pleasing to see as it shows that they are growing in confidence as they move towards the Year 7 curriculum.

Well done Year 6 for your continued hard work.

The Year 6 Teaching Team


*(Answer: 720 ml)