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Scary skeletons and crazy characters made up our week in year 3!

Year three have had another busy week learning about fronted adverbials, and decimal equivalents to fractions. This weeks blog has been written by Emily R and Mattie. Here are some of their highlights

Function of skeleton in Science

This week we were learning about skeleton’s in people’s body. The skeleton is important for three reasons:

The skeletons help you walk and move around.

Skeletons give support and help you to stand.

The skeleton keeps all our important organs inside the body safe by protecting them.

Sketching techniques in Art

We have been learning about different types of sketching. We have tried shading and texture techniques. We all had a big piece of paper covered in boxes. In each box will filled it full with different pencil strokes, with different types of shading and different textures.

World Book Day 

On World Book Day, we dressed up in fancy book costumes. Some of us were Harry Potter and some of us were Hermione and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in wonderland. We visited Waterstone’s Book shop where we swapped our vouchers for a book. I’m really enjoying reading my book. We also had a lesson with Jacob from Storyhouse, he did lots of book character activities with us.

We are glad it is the weekend, we need a rest!