Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Sawing, drilling and hammering.

During our Forest Schools session this week we had the opportunity to use various tools to start making Forest Puppets (marionettes) we learnt how to safely use hacksaw, bowsaws and hand held drills. We can’t wait for our next session so we can add the strings. On Thursday afternoon we had another wonderful walk around the park in even brighter sunshine with our EYFS buddies. This week we also enjoyed a giant game of hide and seek whilst there – I’m really not sure who enjoyed it most – Y6 I think!


During our Maths lessons this week our focus has been on Place Value. We have spent time solving fluency, further fluency and reasoning problems involving whole numbers to 10 million and decimals numbers to 3 decimal places.


During our English sessions this week we have immersed ourselves even further into our Read to Write text ‘Rose Blanche’. We have looked at some of the beautifully drawn illustrations within the book – sharing these pictures together has enabled us to explore and develop vocabulary choices for the descriptive writing we have completed this week. It has been wonderful to see and hear the children’s growing enthusiasm for this writing project.

Our grammar focus this week has been on sentences of three using colons and semi colons.

Please continue to read regularly with your children at home. Encourage them to read a range of genres – including fiction and non-fiction texts. When you read with your child this coming week please concentrate on asking the children to retrieve information from the text.


Thank you for your support with the homework sent out on Monday this week. Due in on Wednesday 25th September.

Thank you so much for getting everybody here on time again for their swimming lesson on Friday. The year 6 team is really coming together – yesterday we helped change the layout of the playground by moving benches and equipment in order to improve the overall playtime experience for everyone would not have been possible without everyone working together – brilliant to see.

If you need to contact for me for any reason please contact the office who will pass on your messages. I hope you all have a really enjoyable weekend