Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Romans We Thank You :)

Year 4s, I thank you and I want to say it’s true: I am so proud every day, to be your teacher. An alternative line for today’s song? Absolutely, since, of all the facts we shared in assembly at church, it is right that I have only been your teacher for 20 weeks – but what a wonderful, interesting and proud 20 weeks it has been for me.

Once again, another HUGE well done for today’s assembly. You did such a great job that I couldn’t stop smiling on the front row, both times! And I was not surprised on Thursday with how impressed the staff at the Grosvenor Museum were with your existing knowledge and your desire to learn even more. Our soldier guide even told me that you were the first group ever to teach him something he will now teach to other marching groups: our Roman chant!!

It has been – in addition to our action-packed last couple of days of history learning – a week full of activity as always. This includes our trip to Bishops’ High School on Tuesday (see photo), our walk to the Roman Gardens in Chester and several tests during what has also been assessment week. One remaining test for next week is for punctuation and grammar, hence the homework together with this week’s spellings.

Rest like Romans and see you all next week,

Mr Lee

(aka Maximus Learnus)

PS – Points for the secret word this week, which is: the name of a certain Iceni queen…