Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Romans of the Year 4 Legion Unite

Greetings Fellow Romans of the Year 4 Legion,

Your half term holiday has arrived! And with it, two tasks to help with the greater Roman cause:

Firstly, design and make a Roman-themed costume that you can wear to school on our forthcoming Romans Day on Friday 7th June. It need not be too complicated, so please do not worry if you cannot find many items and materials to hand. A simple cloak or homemade cardboard shield and sword that you tape and then paint would be fine. You could dress up as a soldier, gladiator, politician/leader (like Julius Caesar or Emperor Claudius) or even a Briton who fought against the Romans!

Secondly, learn the lyrics to our two songs and also practise reading the words for your assembly speaking part loudly and clearly.

Please keep your finished costume safe at home until 7th June and come dressed as your chosen Roman (or Roman enemy) on that morning. This is of course also our class assembly day in church (9:30am) – look forward to seeing parents there!

Have a great week off,

Mr Lee

PS Can you spot the remains of the Roman road in the photo? What did the archaeologist tell us the road was probably used for? House Points for your answers!!