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Reception to the rescue!

Who do you need to call when you’re in trouble?   Reception Class!

We have loved learning about life guards and the RNLI as part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic this week. The children have had great fun role playing life saving situations, including a rubber ring deflating in the sea and sharks circling a boy on a surfboard. What fantastic imaginations! The children even practiced getting ready as if they were an RNLI crew member. Although, we definitely need to get ready quicker!

This week in Maths, the children have been revisiting the days of the week, reciting the names and ordering them. They have used language related to time such as ʻyesterdayʼ, ʻtodayʼ and ʻtomorrowʼ. They love singing songs that help them remember the days of the week in order. On Thursday and Friday the children also played lots of games that helped them to remember their left and right. Next week, Miss Corbett is going to bring in Twister to see if the children have remembered which is the right side of their body and which is the left!

During Phonics sessions, the children are working really well together to read little books (ditties), and segment and blend words using the magnetic letters. They are fantastic at recognising real and fake words when playing games on the interactive whiteboard.

Thank-you for all your support with our science activities homework last week. We loved seeing all the pictures and videos of children on Tapestry. There were some shocked faces when the egg shells cracked!

Next week, we will be thinking about Winter turning into Spring and the changes that we can see in our environment around us. Let’s hope the good weather continues!

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Class Team