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Reception can dance!

This week in Reception we have really enjoyed reading ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. The first time the children heard the story they thought about how Gerald was feeling at the start of the story compared to the end, and how they would feel it somebody laughed at them if there was something they couldn’t do. After the story all the children and staff thought of something they can do and something they can’t do YET! Some fantastic ideas for things we can’t do yet were discussed, such as ice skating, a forward roll and being patient on aeroplanes! The second time the children heard it, they created a story plan with actions to help them write their own stories next week. The children had great fun dancing to the different types of music in the story. The were particularly good at waltzing!

On Thursday, for snack time, the children made a fruit kebab following a set of instructions. They were all very good at chopping the fruit and carefully placing it on the stick. After they had made their fruit kebab the children had to write a set of instructions to give to another class so they could have a go. Don’t worry, ‘wash your hands’ was the first step!

In Maths this week, the children have been blasting off to space to rehearse counting to and back from 20, reinforcing the order of numbers to 20. They have developed an understanding that teen numbers are made of 10 and some more and can now write addition sentences to show this.

In Forest School on Tuesday the children enjoyed a session based around a book called ‘The Beasties’. First of all the children heard Daisy’s story about how different stories drift into her dreams every night. Then, they were given a special leaf and some different shaped cutters which they had to use to cut shapes out of the leaf. Finally, the children used a piece of charcoal to write a story about the shapes they had cut out of their leaf. It was a fantastic activity that the children loved!

This week for homework, the first part is about number formation, and the second is a sheet where they have to draw their favourite jungle animal and write a sentence about it. The sentence could be an observation about the animal or an interesting fact.

Please can toys only be brought in on Friday for Show and Tell. We are too busy to have time for toys from home everyday!

We hope you all have a very enjoyable long weekend.

The Reception Class Team