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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and are feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead. I was so happy to see your children on Monday morning and enjoyed hearing about their exciting experiences over the holiday.

This week we have been introduced to the book Rapunzel and some strange things have happened… two letters arrived from the good witch Glinda, a leaf appeared on my desk, golden hair hung from the ceiling, a witch’s hat was on top of the cupboard and Glinda entered our classroom asking if we had seen her cat. On Thursday we were told that the cat had been found and Glinda told us she was leaving our school. The children wrote sentences using conjunctions and adjectives describing how the witch and Rapunzel felt during the first part of the story.

Emilia  ” Rapunzel was as terrified as Peter Pan looking at Captain Hook”

Enya ” You will be trapped in your tall, strong tower forever!”

Ethan “The witch was angry because she had lost her cat”.

Mason ” I saw a Witch in our room but I actually think it was Miss Bruce dressed up! The witch in the classroom was a good witch  but I think the witch in Rapunzel is nasty”.

The children have been split into new Read, write inc groups and are enjoying working with their teacher and peers learning new sounds and words. We now have four RWI sessions per week and one whole class phonics session every week. In addition, the children also have two guided reading sessions developing comprehension skills. We also aim to listen to the children read on an individual basis twice a week. We will change books when we feel it is appropriate.

In handwriting we have been revising how to form the sounds g, b, d, and y. Children were reminded that all letters need to sit on the line and that we must use finger spaces.

In Maths we have started the year off with place value to 20. The children have been using ten frames to show numbers from 0-20 and have used multilink to help them solve number problems. We have been dual counting e.g.12 is one ten and two, 13 is one ten and three. The children are becoming confident with partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

The children enjoyed a fantastic drama session on Thursday when they improvised, mimed and used facial expressions to portray a character. This was delivered by Jacob from Storyhouse who said the children were extremely talented and enthusiastic!

In PE the children enjoyed developing their football skills e.g dribbling and changing direction of the ball. PE is on Mondays-please remember to send children to school in PE kits as we now have PE at 9.15.

Today we had the most exciting morning!  We watched Peter Pan at Storyhouse. The children thought it was hilarious and enjoyable. Their favourite moment of the show was when Peter Pan flew  through the window.

Homework and spelling has been sent home with your children today. Also they will have a new reading book in their book bag. Pupils need to write a short paragraph about Peter Pan and they have a worksheet to complete linked to the ‘ai’ sound.

Golden Mile will start again next Thursday.

Trip to Beeston castle- next Thursday (Children need to wear school uniform with sensible shoes).


Have a brilliant weekend!


The Year 1 team