Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP





Year 2 have enjoyed making caterpillar plant pots this week. Thank you Miss Blundell for your help with this activity! The children have planted cress seeds and are monitoring their growth over the next two weeks. We are trying to find out what plants need in order to stay healthy.

Bobby ” Planting seeds was fun and interesting because I have never planted send before!”

We have been busy writing summer poems, descriptions of good and bad characters from fairy Tales, writing alliterative sentences and using lots of expanded noun phrases.




We have been thinking about next year. Year 2 have been completing ‘Moving up’ booklets and have completed a worry and wish worksheet.

The children have been reading in pairs and small groups, asking and answering questions about the characters and plot.

In Maths, the children have been completing summer Maths booklets. These have enabled the children to revise all the concepts learnt to date.

Please can all reading books be returned to school on Monday. We won’t be able to change reading books next week as we need to ensure all reading books are back in school in readiness for next year. Thank you.

The children have worked so hard trying to improve their performance of Consider Yourself. The children have worked together to come up with ideas on how to improve the vocals and choreography.

Year 2 have enjoyed their weekly swimming session. This week was play week so the children had lots of fun splashing around in the water!

Wow! The towers are fantastic but I am afraid only a few managed to survive the earthquake! Thank you so much for supporting your child with this activity as they really did have lots of fun!

Tommy ” You had to guess which one would survive the earthquake. The wooden towers were really strong!”

Homework this week is to practise Consider Yourself. Summer Nights is next Wednesday!

Have a wonderful weekend!