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Planet Protectors!!!

This week the children in Reception class fulfilled their planet protector duties by completing the Little Litter Pickers program at the B and M Waste Management education centre. The children learned a wonderful song to remind them how to reduce, reuse and recycle. They explored different materials and identified which could be reused and recycled before classifying them and recycling them into the correct containers. They learned how to reuse everyday objects to create their own musical instruments and observed how different machinery helps us to protect the planet from waste. The children are passionate about becoming planet protectors and be real-life superheroes, so much so they are planning to produce posters and write to school council to suggest recycling bins in all the classrooms.

In literacy the children were shocked to discover that Supertato had gone missing, with Evil Pea the prime suspect. They were given the task to invent their own superhero and write what superhero powers they have including flying as fast as a cheetah, blasting fire and ice and wearing jet boots. The have produced some wonderful writing which they should be very proud of! They also investigated some frozen vegetables and used their knowledge of the world to plan how to set them free and observe what happened to the ice as it got warmer.

In maths the children have explored length and compared the shapes of different fruits and vegetables and applied this knowledge in their play.

A brilliant week of learning Reception, well done.

The EYFS Team

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