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Pancake Day Fun!

This week the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday by decorating their own pancakes, which they really enjoyed. They learned why we recognise Shrove Tuesday as a significant Christian event in preparation for Lent. They discovered more about the very first pancake race before recreating their own and why pancakes are made to us up the fat and eggs that we need to sacrifice as Jesus did when he spent 40 days and nights and refused temptation from the devil.

The children have continued to learn about Supertato, they created story maps to retell the main events in the story and wrote key words and phrases. The children also designed city-scapes using 2D shapes. They have perfected their superhero balances in gymnastics, learned stretches in stretch and grow and practised using ropes during forest schools.

In maths the children have developed their understanding of time, using vocabulary such as before, after, yesterday, tomorrow, in the morning, at night. The children also sequenced events in a day such as Super Ted getting up in the morning, going to school, eating dinner, having a bedtime story and going to sleep.

The children have developed their segmenting to spell skills in phonics and practised retelling stories in guided reading.

A great week of learning, well done Reception.

The EYFS Team

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